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All-in-one Roof Services

We use top local companies that offer all types of options based on your needs. It is also our priority to link you with a company with the best materials and designs possible, including IKO Dynasty and Owen’s Corning shingles. Metal, tile, asphalt, repairs, tear-offs, we look through it all to satisfy your requirements!

Financing Options For Anyone

We understand that families have many different needs and values in financing their new project. That is why we select companies with loan options for all customers! If you are interested in financing use our quick form today!

Free Insurance Support

If you have weather-related damage you are liable to compensation from your Insurance Company! Our services can also put you in contact with Insurance Specialists from experienced roofing companies that will help you get as much off your roof as possible.

Where and Why we Serve

At Local Roof Pros, it is our goal to get you in contact with a roofing company that fits your needs entirely. Price, quality materials, and efficiency are also our top priorities in sourcing a perfect contractor for your family. To keep our service top quality we employ local companies that serve the Greater Rochester area, ensuring your job gets completed quick and efficiently! Take our quick survey and get in contact with an amazing company today!

"Local Roof Pros got me in contact with a great roofing company that took care of all the headaches for me! Their quote also was the lowest I came by and they even sent out an inspector and rep for free!"

"I had some pretty bad weather damage and the roofing company I was put into contact with got my entire roof covered by my insurance company! My rates didn't go up and my new roof looks amazing. The team I had also explained all the materials and processes start to finish, amazing!"

“I’m a real estate agent in Fairport NY and I’ve used Local Roof Pros to fix all of my clients roofs. They’ve always done such a good job! I’ve also recommended them to others. I feel lucky to have them as a resource!”